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Manchester Day 4

After breakfast we headed off on our homeward journey via Carlisle Castle and Gretna Outlet. Mr Capper acted as Tour Guide detailing the history of the castle and the various defences. Cadbury's Chocolate Factory Shop, Claire's and The Works along with Nike and Sport's Direct proved to be popular shopping venues for the children. The boat journey home was a lot smoother than the outbound journey and the children enjoyed spending the remainder of their money in the Stena shop! To P5-P7 Parents....... A very good time was had by both children and adults alike. The hotel was excellent - the bedroom were very large with most rooms having two double beds or two doubles and a single bed or bunks. Many children enjoyed a Jacuzzi bath or shower. I was extremely impressed with how tidy the children kept their bedrooms and by how well they organised themselves. Every room was very neat and tidy and clothes were left out for the next day! All rooms were very quiet after 'lights out' and children were 'on time' in the morning after their early morning call. The food in the hotel was great - plenty of variety with seconds available! I was delighted (as were the rest of the staff) with the children's behaviour at all venues and on all occasions. They were very quiet and interested at all events and politely asked questions when required. Many members of the public (including several former teachers) commented on the good behaviour of the children. We all had a very busy but fun filled four days and I am sure you have heard all about the trip over the weekend. I trust everyone had a long lieu in and a good rest and I am sure the staff did too! Looking forward to the Award Ceremony tomorrow! A McCune