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Aims of the School

1. Provide a happy, safe and secure atmosphere in which learning is enjoyable and where children grow in confidence and interdependence.


2. Provide a bright, stimulating and welcoming environment in which the children take pride.


3. Promote a school where members of staff are caring and approachable.


4. Develop the characteristics of confidence and encourage creativity.


5. Help children develop a moral code in the context of the school, community and global society.


6. Develop children spiritually making them aware of religious teaching and providing opportunities for collective worship.


7. Develop the intellect, by developing thinking, study and practical skills so that children can make full use of the learning environment to enable them to be better equipped for life within and beyond primary school.


8. Provide the children with educational experiences to include the NI Curriculum.


9. Help develop children physically.


10. Enter a partnership with parents/carers so that children can achieve their potential.