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School Uniform

The photograph below illustrates the various items of school uniform that may be worn.


These may be purchased from the school or local suppliers. However, please be advised that some suppliers are selling sweatshirts with the incorrect logo.  Please contact the school office for correct information.

Autumn/Winter : - Grey trousers/skirt, polo shirt or shirt and tie, sweatshirt or sweat cardigan.  Girls may wear a pinafore, if desired. A reversible fleece/waterproof and hat are available for purchase from the school office.


Spring/Summer : - Girls may wear a maroon or red checked dress.  Boys may wear grey shorts with a polo shirt.


PE: Children should wear shorts and a plain white T-shirt for PE. A PE 'uniform' consisting of maroon shorts and a white T-shirt can be ordered from the school office along with a maroon PE bag with logo.  All children should wear suitable footwear as safety is important.

Jewellery: In the interests of safety

  •  only stud earrings should be worn but removed for PE lessons.

  •  necklaces should not be worn at any time.


Schoolbag :  These are also available from the school office, if desired.