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Palace Shoe Boxes

Parents and pupils - Many thanks for all the lovely gifts, cards and kind words. Your kindness and thoughfulness is very much appreciated. I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy, safe and enjoyable Summer. I know some P6 pupils will be revising and continuing with AQE practice tests but please remember to have a good balance of work, rest and play!

I look forward to seeing everyone after the holidays and I wish all the P7s every success in their next schools. 

Stay safe,

Mrs McC

Science experiments under way....

22/6/20 P6/7 FINAL PLANS BELOW Pic Collage...

Well Done to Erin for attaining 100% in her Music exam.....

P6/7 Home Learning...

Fantastic Titanic models by Charlotte,Cian, Abi, Matthew, Rachel and Camilla....

15/6/20-PLEASE find P6/7 Plans for this week below notes to P7!


On Friday 26 June 10-10.45am we plan to host a special 'send-off' for all P7 pupils. To comply with government safety regulations we would ask that pupils arrive in their parent's car and drive into the school playground where you will be directed  to a suitable parking space. Pupils will be able to collect their 'leaver's goodies' individually, one at a time and everyone will get to enjoy this event together and share in the fun.

We felt that this would be a nice opportunity for P7s to see each other, albeit at a distance and for staff to say their goodbyes. Specific details to follow nearer the time. SAVE the date and time for now and please confirm attendance via email ASAP, thanks. This event is exclusively for P7 pupils only.

Later on in the year when safe, we hope to hold our P7 Awards Ceremony and party as usual.


P7 BOOK RETURNS - Can P7 parents please return ALL books, novels and resources belonging to the school from Thursday 18 June- Thursday 25 June. School will be open every day from 8.30am-2.30pm for the drop-off. No access will be allowed so books will have to be left on the table, just inside the front door.

NB: These dates are for P7s ONLY. All other pupils will be given a specific date and time.

Pic Collage of Home Learning....

Super Art by Thomas, Matthew, Georgia and Cian...

11/6/20 Find below P6 PROGRESS 28 ANSWERS and for P6/7 TITANIC ANSWERS are revealed!
GOOD NEWS P7s - Just to let you all know that your hoodies have been ordered. I will be in touch regarding collection later on in the month.smiley 

FARMING FORTNIGHT - Welly Wednesday! 10/6/20 - Watch the PowerPoint and Video if interested and have a go at the suggested activities on the Ppt

Animating Forestry

A short animated film demonstrating the link between tree planting and the wood products we take for granted in our lives. Follow us @forestsandwood

This is FARMING FORTNIGHT! Watch the PowerPoint and try some of the activities below, if interested.....


  • What is the difference between a fruit and a vegetable?
  • Plant some cress and keep them in different places in the house, if you can obtain seeds! Where do they grow best and why?
  • Can you find out the most popular fruit and veg?
  • Try growing your own fruit and veg and take pictures!
  • Find out the life story of a vegetable from seed/tuber to your dinner plate!

P6/7 Please find plans for WB 8/6/20 below PowerPoint Presentations by pupils and Pic Collage!

URGENT: P7 PUPILS ONLY-On your report I have to record your achievements (at school) for KS2. I usually ask you for this information in class, to ensure that I include all that is relevant. As I can't do that this year, can you please email me information on the following:

1. Positions of responsibility you have had @KS2 eg. school council rep, librarian, buddy, helper etc

2. Have you represented Anahilt at eg football, rugby, netball or hockey match (or similar) against other schools? List when and where if you can and record any wins!

3. List any badges, awards, certificates, prizes or competitions that you have won at KS2 at or through school only.

Please do not include Pupil of the Week certificates.

Please forward this information to me ASAP or by Wednesday 10 June by 3pm at the latest.

Many thanks P7

I also enjoyed a super PowerPoint by Charlotte but it was too large to upload.

Pic Collage - a few samples of work this week. Also, please see PowerPoints above

NB P6 PLAN WB 8/6/20 - PowerPoint 2 was too large a file to upload to website so PLEASE copy this link and complete as it is a good one to do! Follow the plan below which advises when to do it, thanks.


NB P7 PLAN WB 8/6/20 - PowerPoint 2 was too large a file to upload to website so PLEASE copy this link and complete as it is a good one to do! Follow the plan below which advises when to do it, thanks.

Well done to Christina who has just been awarded her Green Belt online grading in Taekwondo....

1/06/20 ENJOY the poetry, home learning, artwork and video below and you will find the plans for the week below the video! Great Work P6/7


Pic Collage of P6/7 Home Learning...

Fantastic Artwork by Eve, Charlotte and Henry...

Please find P6 and P7 PLANS for WB 1 June below Farm to Fridge video...

From Farm to Fridge

A fantastic video by Erin explaining about milk production in Northern Ireland

Fantastic Artwork by Erin and Tilly

Find Plans for WB 25/05/20 below Pic Collage

Pic Collage with some examples of work...

18/05/20 Plan for the week below Pic Collages! Send me more photos this week and I will create some more.smiley

Home Learning...

18/05/20 P6 PARENTS - PLEASE do not download and use the AQE CEA PAST PAPERS as I plan to use EVERY test from September on! It is very important that the first time your child sees these papers is in school. This is to ensure accurate tracking and progress. Once complete in school, the tests can be re-done at home for revision purposes. Many Thanks.
11/05/20 P6 The SPG page I would like you to complete is PAGE 11, PREFIXES, NOT page 10. Thanks.

23/04/20 - P6 PARENTS: AQE Registration is due to open on 29th April 2020. AQE is moving to an online application process this year and the advice given is that schools, parents and pupils should continue to prepare for the tests in the home environment. Please refer to the AQE Ltd website for further details. PLEASE do not use the AQE past papers as I will be using these from September on, when the pupils are in P7. Thank you.


AVERAGES: Any parent who wishes to know the practice test average scores, please send me an email request.


HAPPY EASTER P6/7 - Enjoy and stay safe.smiley



5/04/20 - P6/7 Delighted to see some lovely Easter arts and crafts - they look fabulous.  Keep them coming......
3/04/20 P6 PLEASE SEE last 5 NEW scanned documents under this week's plan titled HELP FOR DAILY ENGLISH, to help pupils complete their Daily English tasks. These can be printed and glued into Facts to Learn English, along with the others previously uploaded. Hope this all helps! Thanks
3/04/20 PLEASE email AQE Test Results to enable me to keep a record and to calculate an average. Thanks

P6 AQE (P7 if desired!) 26/03/20

PSNI Visit for Kids' Court

World Book Day

Road Safety Quiz

Viking Day

Pancake Tuesday

Happy Valentine's Day


Bible Exhibition at Growell Gospel Hall

Erin wins a prize at the High School Ballynahinch

Christmas Cards

Clay Snowmen

Clay Snowmen

Demonstration of Viking Longhouses

Viking Longhouses completed

Viking Longhouses under construction