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Harvest Day


All classes enjoyed Harvest Day yesterday and every pupil had the opportunity to create and decorate chocolate apples.


P1 CLASS:  Pupils in P1 participated in a class Harvest Assembly titled 'My First Harvest Festival.' They also watched the class teacher carve a pumpkin and counted the seeds. This was followed by a very exciting pumpkin collage and then procedural writing on 'How to Make Rice Krispie Buns!


P2 CLASS: P2 pupils read a Harvest story and then they went on a very exciting leaf hunt in the school grounds. P2 children also enjoyed Harvest/Autumn crafts.


P3 CLASS: Pupils in P3 read a pumpkin story and sang a Harvest song. They watched a demonstration of how to carve a pumpkin and then created some pumpkin artwork! P3 pupils also completed some Autumn Maths activities.


P4 CLASS: P4 pupils studied a PowerPoint 'All About Harvest' and they considered for what things in their lives they are grateful. P4 pupils also participated in Harvest puzzles and Harvest quizzes.


P5/6 CLASS:  Pupils in P5/6 learnt all about Harvest through a PowerPoint Presentation and discussion. Pupils also wrote Acrostic Harvest poems and participated in a Harvest Drama!


P6/7 CLASS: P6/7 pupils wrote some Harvest poetry and completed procedural writing on 'How to Make Chocolate Apples.' In the afternoon they thoroughly enjoyed making spooky castles!


Please see Class Pages for further photos of Harvest Day activities in each class.