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Matthew visits NI Housing Executive Head Office

Matthew was invited to NI Housing Executive Head Office in Belfast to see an exhibition of winning entries in the Eco House Design Competition.  He was warmly welcomed by Prof Peter Roberts, Chair and Chief Executive Mr Clarke Bailie.  After refreshments (including iced doughnuts!) Matthew was quizzed on his ideas on Eco housing and recycling both now and in the future.  His winning design was framed, to be hung in Prof Roberts' Office.  Interestingly, his design had been digitised and was shown on a TV screen with  'working' shower, washing machine, wind turbine, biomass boiler and clothes line.  Matthew was accompanied by his teacher, Mrs McCune, who reported on the high quality of Matthew's knowledge and enthusiasm for the subject and the interest shown by his hosts.  To mark this occasion, Matthew was presented with an artist's set of colouring tools.