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Primary Movement Programme

The school has been involved for several years in the Primary Movement Programme. Primary Movement is a unique movement programme which seeks to replicate the early movements of the foetus and to enhance the maturation of the central nervous system. It has been shown to have a significant impact on the educational attainments of children with specific learning difficulties including dyslexia.


The children in Primary 1 and Primary 2 follow the Early Years Programme. The children in Primary 3 and Primary 4 follow the core Primary Movement Programme. 


The programme is based solely on a programme of movements and there is no medication involved. The Department of Education, the South Eastern Education and Library Board and Queen’s University, Belfast joined forces to launch a pilot study into the learning potential for this course. In order that the children’s progress could be tracked, Queen’s University tested them over a two-year period. Dr Martin McPhillips (QUB) identified that when he examined the average score at P7 level in Anahilt Primary School, the school was performing within the top 16% of the population.


The value of this programme is that it helps those children who have specific learning difficulties. The results of the programme also appear to show that most children benefit from participating in the programme. In school a significant improvement has been noted in a number of children. We have noticed an improvement in attainment, increased ability to concentrate and an improvement in both fine and gross motor skills. The results are extremely encouraging and in some cases quite remarkable.


(The Primary Movement Programme is a registered charity and has no links to any commercially run centres.)

Picture 1 Primary Movement Programme
Picture 2 Primary Movement Programme
Picture 3 Primary Movement Programme